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TIPS MTC d.o.o. is a family manufacturing company with more than 50 years of tradition. Today it employs more than 40 people who have the competencies needed to make all from the initial idea, to the final product.

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TIPS MTC d.o.o. is a family manufacturing company with more than 50 years of tradition that has emerged from a company

Tips and withheld production program. Today it employs more than 40 people who have the competencies needed to make all from the initial idea, to the final product.

TIPS MTC's core business is the metalworking of various shapes and materials. With quality, traceability, and flexibility in materials and production, we meet the wishes and requirements of each customer.

Our Services

Laser cutting

The modern and powerful TRUMPF laser cutting machine can cut up to 25 mm sheet metal with a power of 6000 W on a workbench of 1500 x 3000 mm. The laser has a high cutting accuracy. It has a tolerance range of +/- 0,1 mm.

We can offer to cut off larger dimensions and thicknesses with proven external contractors. Contact us for more information.

Technical information:

Bending & sheet metal cutting

Bending service or curvature sheet metal is performed on computer-supported CNC bending machines which provide exceptional accuracy. We also offer cutting sheet metal with scissors, which is more affordable when cutting simple shapes.

Bending service is performed on a computer-aided CNC bending machine that ensures exceptional accuracy. We also offer sheet metal cutting on scissors,

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Quality and robust construction, modern software, and a wide range of tools are the features of our TRUMPF punching machine with a workbench of 1250 x 2500 mm. These allow us to quickly and efficiently punch, bend, thread, and reshape the most demanding shapes, up to 6 mm thick.

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We weld steel, stainless steel, and aluminum products with MAG / MIG and TIG technologies. With the help of welding tables, dedicated stencils, and welding devices, we assemble and weld sheet metal parts or products from profiles and pipes into the most demanding shapes. By grinding, vibrating, and polishing after welding, the products are processed to the final appearance or prepared for all types of surface protection. Our welders are certified under the welding standard ISO EN 9606. We have also obtained the certificate EN 1090-2 and ISO 3834-3.

Surface protection

We also offer various types of surface protection services. In our company, we can also powder-paint your product, thus achieving protection against external influences also a decorative effect. We offer a wide selection of shades, glosses, and structures by the RAL scale. With proven and quality external contractors, we are also offering:



We also perform the mechanical and electrical assembly. Electrical assembly includes wiring, marking, and assembly of individual electrical components in electrical cabinets. Mechanical assembly includes pneumatic and basic mechanical assembly. The assembled items are packed accordingly for your collection or delivered to the desired location. If necessary, we give quality control reports.


Our advantages

The TIPS MTC family business is a reliable partner who can support you throughout the value chain. We offer development, and metal processing by cutting, punching, bending, and welding. According to your wishes, are items powder-coated or otherwise surface protected with the help of external contractors. Also, we can assemble everything, add additional purchased material by agreement, and pack and prepare for shipment to the desired address. These create a unique offer, so we see ourselves as a stable partner for contract manufacturing in the field of sheet metal assembly as well as for welding and electromechanical assemblies.



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